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tips of moving out

5 tips for moving out of halls of residence


For many university students at this time of year, exams, assessments and the current academic year are coming to an end and many first year students are preparing to …

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designer shoes

Top tips on packing your designer shoes for moving


When it comes to packing for a move, your wardrobe is something you usually pack yourself. If you have lots of expensive designer shoes, you’ll want to make sure that …

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boxes and packing materials

The moving market is booming - and you should get involved!


It’s never easy moving home. Whether someone is leaving a read more | StorePAK

Tips On Packing Your Valuable Book Collection

Tips on packing your valuable book collection when moving ...


If you’re an avid reader with an extensive collection of treasured books, moving home can be a daunting prospect. After all, how can you pack your books to ensure that …

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