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Why you need cardboard boxes in your life


A cardboard box is quite literally one of the best inventions in existence. You may just think we’re saying this because we’re cardboard manufacturers, and in truth, we are pretty biased. However, just think about it for one moment. When you put your recycling out each week, how many cardboard boxes are you putting out for re-use? How often when you go to the shop do you pick up an item that is packaged in a cardboard box? And when you are moving house, cardboard boxes are again your go-to packing item of choice. Quite simply, cardboard boxes are the packaging solution we can’t live without.

At StorePAK Corrugated, we have customers enquiring about our corrugated cardboard boxes for a number of reasons. Many people use our corrugated cartons for archive storage – for example, when offices need to store documents. They will put all their files into our boxes, before transporting them to off-site storage. We are one of the major suppliers of archival boxes throughout the UK, and provide unique and easy-to-assemble designs that are both durable and economic. They can either be plain or unprinted, with your own unique branding added if required.

It’s not just storing items that cardboard boxes can be useful for. One of our largest customers is the automotive industry, in which many are looking to work with an environmentally-conscious supply chain partner. We have worked with many of the major worldwide vehicle manufacturers, who require boxes for packaging spare parts for cars, lorries, agricultural vehicles and military tanks – to name just a few of the purposes. Whether it’s radiators or head-lamps, gear-sticks or seat-belts, when it’s being sent around the country and world, secure and robust packaging is key.

In complete contrast industry-wise, we also work closely with the cosmetics industry. Think of all the times you have bought a new mascara/blusher/lip-stick (or have seen your other-half buy one)… they’re all packaged up neatly in cardboard boxes, and these have no doubt been transferred in a larger order with one bigger corrugated carton. We work with some of the UK’s largest cosmetics brands, offering just-in-time lean manufacturing and ‘stock and serve’ logistics. We understand the challenges faced by the cosmetic and perfumery industries, including constraints with warehousing storage and environmental compliance. The best thing about cardboard though is how green it is – ready to be recycled as soon as you have finished using it, or re-purposed many times over thanks to how versatile and durable it can be. It can also be crushed or broken down into much smaller bundles to make recycling easier and storage less complicated.

The pharmaceutical industry again requires corrugated cartons, often for transferring machinery or for distributing products. Our design team has also worked with many companies on innovative counter display units for helping retailers to merchandise their products. Our contributions to the supply chain within this sector has led to us winning awards because we understand just how crucial cardboard boxes are to every business.

Everyone needs cardboard boxes, including the e-commerce industry, logistics and industrial teams, retail outlets, house and office removal companies, and individuals. They can be used commercially for the shipping of manufactured items, keeping everything in perfect condition. They can also be used for moving supplies or belongings and keeping breakable items secure (such as crockery or artwork). Cardboard boxes may not immediately strike you as one of life’s greatest necessities, but try living or working without them and you’ll soon realise the value they hold.

About StorePAK Corrugated

StorePAK Corrugated are corrugated carton manufacturers predominantly serving the UK South East region including Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Essex and London. StorePAK Corrugated offer a tailored stock and serve solution utilising their own logistics, ensuring clients never need to stock more cartons than they need to. We have a highly skilled work force, an experienced management team and an in-house design team. Our strength is our ability to simplify your supply chain and uncover hidden operational cost savings. By utilising smart designs, offering efficient stock management and reducing damaged goods in transit, we really do offer “Protection By Design”.

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